Terms & Conditions

1. All credit card information is PCI compliant and stored securely on our ProCharge account. Credit card information is not stored anywhere outside of the ProCharge system.

Completing this form constitutes that you have read, understood and hereby accept all of the conditions below:

I accept the per man hour pricing that has been emailed to me by Clean Corners LLC 


– Cancelation Policy:


– Before 48-hr cancelation NO Charge


– After 48-hr $25 Fee


– After 24hr $50 fee


– Cleaning May be capped at client’s discretion for a determined number of hours with workers working off a priority list with no guarantee of all cleaning tasks being accomplished.



-All of our cleaners are background checked, professionally trained and enjoy cleaning


-Clean Corners LLC is bonded and insured for you protection.


No Guarantee Terms & Conditions

-All GPS Driven Time Spent on the Job Will Be Non-Refundable.

– No guarantee of all cleaning tasks being accomplished.

-We Do Not Guarantee Wall Cleaning.

-We do not guarantee Carpet Cleaning.

-There is no guarantee of restoration of any surfaces to former condition. 

-Clean Corners does not hand wipe anything beyond arm’s reach from a step ladder

-Clean Corners employees are not required to use caustic chemicals to clean with.  If a client wishes to provide their own cleaning products for a particular task, the product must be approved by Clean Corners LLC

-Clean Corners employees are not required to perform heavy scrubbing unless preapproved by the employee, and a premium will be applied for the extra labor-intensive work performed.

 PLEASE READ:  Good Will Statement

Because Clean Corners is not a franchise (saving us the extra cost of franchise fees) we have chosen to pay our employees a pay rate higher than most of our competitors in this area out of appreciation for our employees as well as a desire for higher job satisfaction and employee retention.

As a result, our clients will receive a higher level of service from employees who take pride in their work.

Clean Corners requests that all clients respect our noncompete policy with our employees by not attempting to solicit business from them outside of Clean Corners LLC, thus putting them at risk of job loss and a possible lawsuit.