The professional office cleaning experts at Clean Corners know that all offices get dirty. Tight deadlines, hectic schedules, staff, food, customers and routine daily traffic all combine to create a constant buildup of dirt, dust and grime throughout your office, retail or industrial location.

Our experienced commercial cleaners provide customized office cleaning and janitorial services — for businesses of all sizes — offering flexible and affordable packages to fit a wide variety of needs, schedules and budgets.

We currently work with a variety of businesses, including corporate offices, retail locations, government buildings, schools, day care centers, medical facilities, industrial buildings, warehouses, restaurants and financial institutions.

Our insured and bonded cleaning specialists are trained to handle numerous cleaning projects within your facility. From restrooms, conference rooms and kitchens to floor and carpet cleaning, high-traffic area and window cleaning — our cleaning experts can handle any size job.

Restroom Sanitization

Your restroom is as much as part of your company as your conference room, lobby or front entrance way. A properly sanitized restroom that looks and smells clean should be a minimum goal for the cleanliness of your office or building.

A negative restroom experience for customers or employees can affect your company directly as far as sales, retention and morale. Your restrooms are often one of the first impressions your customers receive about your building, your business — and your commitment to quality.

We mop, scrub and sanitize the restroom walls and stalls and leave all the mirrors and chrome throughout the restroom are sparkling clean. Every urinal, toilet, sink and even the floor will be cleaned, sanitized and treated with environmentally safe products and then rinsed with water. Water is then vacuumed away along with bacteria and soil, allowing floors to dry quickly.

Many people spend more time at their office than they do anywhere else. Our professional cleaners will help your business keep things healthy, safe and clean for your customers and employees.

For more information about the professional commercial cleaning services at Clean Corners, or to get a free estimate, please contact us here or call us directly at 616.644.7991.